Conversation. Space.

The recent U.S. election results has lead to strong emotions, and a sense of a nation divided. Some are happy, some are elated, some are concerned and some are fearful. As individuals we need to be able truly hear and understand those with whom we disagree. As a nation, we need to have share these individual conversations widely. 

By The Rivers is launching a conversation series to bring all views together for respectful dialogue, called "Conversation. Space.” 

It begins with one-to-one dialogue with two people who have different reactions to the election. We will be hosting many such dialogues, and then sharing them as podcasts.  

We are seeking people from all points of the political spectrum who are able to articulate their view and listen openly to another. 

Our goal is to understand, not convince, the other person. 

If you are interested in being part of these dialogues, please contact for details.

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By The Rivers is a multi-faith and interfaith life cycle and learning center, designed for the unaffiliated and affiliated alike. We offer engaged learning in a welcoming environment. We are a gathering of master teachers and talented clergy who help individuals connect with their religious tradition, learn about other traditions, and participate in the community by bringing a greater understanding between faiths, and doing social justice work. 


Our Riverboat Learning. Voices on the River II: The Power of Stories

Scenes from recent classes

The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.
— Frederick Buechner

Most recent Podcast: For this episode we bring you a recording of Rabbi Shavit-Lonstein’s brief presentation at the Nusrat Mosque in MN during Eid Al-Adha, a major Islamic festival celebrating the biblical story of Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son as a demonstration to loyalty to God..

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Our current blog entry Won't You Be Our Neighbor? focuses on the challenge today; how do we define, and more importantly, treat, our neighbors. 

Past blog entries examine the pursuit of meaning through learning and asking good questions. 

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Rev. Dr. John Marboe at "Voices on the River 2015"ms.akr

Rev. Dr. John Marboe at "Voices on the River 2015"ms.akr

We are clergy and teachers, committed to welcoming individuals of all faiths. Our goal is to provide a space to connect with your tradition and your best self.

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Rabbi Shavit-Lonstein Celebrating with new couple

Rabbi Shavit-Lonstein Celebrating with new couple

Our Clergy Affiliates can provide meaningful ceremonies for all stages of life. We work with you to develop authentic, meaningful events that mark significant transitions, and celebrate community. We welcome all religious traditions; the affiliated and non affiliated alike; interfaith couples and members of the GLBTQ communities.

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